Control Your Asthma

Control Your Asthma

Always adhere to the asthma regimen prescribed by your physician

A person can control asthma symptoms by following appropriate management strategy. Following are the general management strategy to improve health and wellbeing and thereby contributing to the improvement in asthma.

1. Quit smoking

2. Do regular physical activity

3. Eat healthy food and vegetables

4. Weight reduction

5. Wear face mask

6. Clean your home regularly

7. Stay away from pets

8. Avoid allergenic food if you have food allergy

9. Stay happy. Stay stress free.

10. Get Flu vaccine and Pneumonia vaccine

Point to be remembered in managing Asthma

If you are asthmatic then strictly adhere to the regime as prescribed by your physician. You should know the following things:

  • Know what aggravates your asthma symptoms and avoid them whenever possible.
  • Always an Allergist to do certain test to find out the triggering factors and discuss about possible management plan.
  • Always consult an Allergist if you are Asthmatic.
  • If you are asthmatic and a smoker. Then quit smoking at the earliest. Encourage your friends and family members to quit smoking.
  • You can do regular physical activity to improve general health. Do not do strenuous exercise as it can aggravate your asthma symptoms.
  • Eat healthy food and vegetables. Avoid hot and spicy food. If you had asthma and food allergy then be cautious when you eating in restaurants and in social events.
  • If you are obese then follow appropriate dietary and exercise plan to reduce weight. You can consult dietician if feasible.
  • In cold weather, in windy season and in pollen season be careful. You can wear face mask.
  • Clean your home at least once a week. Clean your bath, kitchen. Wear a mask when cleaning home. If you are allergic to dust then tell someone else to clean the room.
  • Pet dander can trigger asthma and allergy. If you had pet allergy then stay away from pets.
  • Emotional stress is a triggering factor for asthma. So stay calm and cool to reduce stress. Stay happy.
  • Take pneumococcal vaccine and take yearly influenza vaccine.
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