ATFAI Initiative

ATFAI Initiative


Asthma Treatment For All Initiative (ATFAI)

Asthma Treatment For All Initiative (ATFAI) is an asthma programme initiated by Dr Monojit Mondal Pediatrician and Allergist from Kalna, Bardhaman, West Bengal, India.

Under Asthma Treatment For All Initiative (ATFAI) , each and every asthma patient will be provided free of cost asthma treatment. Right now under this umbrella following section of population are given treatment

Economically poor people




Rural area people

Tribal area people

We are working hard to give treatment for each and every asthma patients. We are also trying to tie up with other physicians to our dream come true.

Asthma Facts

⇒ Asthma is a global health problem

⇒ The incidence of this condition is increasing day by day

⇒ Globally more than 100 million people are affected

⇒ In Indian 15-20 million peoples are suffering

⇒ It is also a killer disease. Worldwide annually more than 180,000 deaths.

⇒ Occurrence of asthma is a complex processes. It involves a complex interaction between in-utero factors, genetic factors, atopy, viruses and environmental condition etc

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