Free Allergy Asthma Camp

Free Allergy Asthma Camp

Free Asthma Treatment- Asthma Treatment For All Initiative (ATFAI)

Asthma Treatment For All Initiative (ATFAI) is a free asthma treatment programme initiated by Dr Monojit Mondal Pediatrician and Allergist from Kalna, Bardhaman, West Bengal, India.

Under this free asthma programme, each and every asthma patient will be provided free of cost asthma treatment. Right now under this umbrella following section of population are given free asthma treatment

1. Economically poor people

2. Children

3. Women

4. Orphans

5. Rural area people

6. Tribal area people

We are working hard to give treatment for each and every asthma patients. We appeal to all the physician to come under this umbrella and provide free asthma treatment.

A free asthma camp will be conducted at Kalna, Bardhaman, WB, India on 1 st of January 2019.

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